Best antivirus for Windows 10

Hello dear visitors of the site. Today we are going with you in search of the best antivirus for Windows 10. Does it even exist? Let’s figure it out!

I want to warn you right away that an antivirus that will 100% protect you against all viruses simply does not exist. On this topic, I recommend watching my video lesson: Which antivirus is better, and everything will become clear to you.

Well, and those antiviruses which can protect us from the majority of viruses, we will consider in this lesson.

After the appearance on the market of the new Microsoft operating system under the index 10, a number of questions and contradictions arose. The system sent too much data to its offices, however, as it turned out later, the problem was partially, but managed to be resolved (to disable surveillance in Windows 10). In general, if you still decide to upgrade your computer or laptop to Windows 10 and do not know how to protect it, then I will try to give you a couple of options.

What antivirus to choose for Windows 10?

As you should know, there are paid and free antiviruses. It is always better to take paid ones, as they by definition guarantee you greater protection than free ones. But in any case, free antivirus programs, we also pay much attention.

In this article, I will analyze the most well-known and reliable antiviruses tested by independent laboratories, such as AV-TEST, AV Comparatives and Virus Bulletin.

It is also important to note that the indicators have changed, in contrast to the same 7th or 8th Windows.


I consider the following antivirus software to be one of the best: Avira Antivirus Pro, Bitdefender Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Security (all versions of 2016). Some of the names you can hear for the first time, but if you do not believe it – check it yourself, Google is on everyone’s hand.

Avira Antivirus Pro

Unlike its competitors, the antivirus has a very simple, intuitive and beautiful appearance. A lot of convenient and useful features and functions, such as Internet protection, game modes, Adware, Malware and others, allow you to fully customize your system.

Bitdefender Internet Security

This antivirus for Windows 10 has established itself as a leader for many years. He can be trusted, because in terms of protection he has a full set of all functions. I talked with many who use this program, and no one has any complaints. Unless it is worth considering that she does not have Russian.

Kaspersky Internet Security

What self-respecting computer programmer has not heard about Kaspersky Anti-Virus? This is the most discussed and most controversial antivirus in Russian user circles (however, it is used not only in Russia, it is widely distributed abroad). Whatever it was, but the program shows itself perfectly in all tests and checks. Since this is essentially a Russian antivirus, its functions are as close as possible to the requests of our people: protection of operations related to banks and cards, on the Internet, parental control, and much more.

Norton Security 2016

As such, there are not many good free antiviruses, but they are still there. First, I would like to highlight two of them: Avast Free Antivirus 2016 and Panda Security Free Antivirus.

When testing, they are approximately in the same range, but not without differences. Avast gains in performance, but Panda shows the highest level of protection (only users often complain about poor performance).

Panda Security Free Antivirus

Many paid antiviruses have free analogues, but with reduced functionality. Or the so-called trial periods. I strongly advise you to use them when possible, as this is both free and effective. Here are two examples:

Kaspersky Free

This, as you already understood, is a free version of a paid program. In general, everything is exactly the same as in the original, but, as I said earlier, some functions, for example, parental control, are not available. Trial period – 365 days. Further renewal upon re-registration.

Avira Free Antivirus

All the same. Just like the paid version, but the functionality is incomplete.

As you probably understood from this article, there is no best anti-virus for Windows 10. All the above programs are good, but none will give us a hundred percent guarantee for protection against viruses. Choose any, and you will not regret!

Well, if you want even more material on antivirus, then I advise you first to read my lesson: What antivirus is the best! There, I answered in more detail about the “best antivirus”. And also do not forget to read the lesson: How to remove viruses from your computer, 100%.

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