Online Collaboration Tool Vs Board Portal

The variety of types of board collaboration software is amazing. However, this variety has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, everyone can choose the software that is ideal for their company. On the other hand, there are a lot of similar products and it is very hard to choose only one. Nevertheless, the biggest question customers have is what is better for the company – collaborative whiteboards or board portals? Since this problem is quite actual for companies all over the world, we suggest delving into it a little bit and finding out what is better for organizing the work process.

What is the difference between collaborative boards and virtual portals?

At a first glance it may seem that these types of software products are quite similar, so do not complicate your choice. Indeed, there are many similar characteristics between collaborative whiteboards and board portals:

  • They can be used to organize workflow, even remotely;
  • Provide many options for routine work tasks;
  • Suitable for a wide range of tasks – communication, meetings, document sharing, and more.

Nevertheless, there are significant differences between them, which affect the effectiveness of each of these types of software and its popularity among customers.The main thing in which they concede the collaboration boards – the ability to work with big data, as well as the ability to adapt to changes in the company and scale to new needs. No matter what anyone says, collaboration boards are incapable of meeting the growing needs of companies, no matter how broad their functionality. 

The inability of collaboration boards to adapt to the growing number of users and the increasing volume of work is gradually causing more and more customers to switch to company-wide virtual portals. Nevertheless, the popularity of collaborative whiteboards is not going down – they remain quite in demand within work organization in companies with small staffs, as well as within departments or small business units of larger companies.

Why does your business need virtual portals?

Many companies around the world have already taken advantage of and appreciated the capabilities of virtual board portals. The most basic advantages are the following features of portals:

  1. Reliability. Software security system works on the principle of multi-level user authentication, the history of each user’s actions, as well as encryption systems. 
  2. Efficiency. Board portal tools allow you to optimize your work processes, reducing the time required to complete them from days or hours to minutes or seconds. 
  3. Convenience. Users can use the Board portal within minutes of installation and configuration. The interface is intuitive, and all of the necessary buttons that give access to the options you need are located in the admin panel. 

It’s also worth noting that joint boards can be used together with the virtual portals guide on efficient meetings, but why use many software products when you can use one universal?

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