3 Reasons Why Document Sharing Apps Are Not Enough For Board Communications

Modern business requires modern solutions for its successful promotion. Not surprisingly, such a request has resonated in the field of digital technology. It’s rather difficult to imagine the work of modern companies without using different programs and applications which simplify the working process and enable to reduce the time for basic work tasks. Nevertheless, more and more companies face the fact that the office applications used – in particular, for exchanging documents – are not always able to meet the needs of the company and its staff. Read our article to learn why modern business cannot do without applications alone.

Why software applications for the office are not all you need?

Document exchange, without exaggeration, is one of the main tasks that the employees of a particular company should perform, regardless of the specifics of its activity. But using the usual office applications is sometimes not enough to organize an efficient document exchange process. There are several explanations for this:

  1. Such applications are not designed for a large number of users. Depending on the specifics of a company’s activity, such a process may involve a large number of employees, clients, business partners, or third parties which can gain access to corporate documents. Quite often the capabilities of office applications for document exchange are quite limited and cannot meet the growing demands of clients to organize fast and efficient document exchange.
  2. They do not provide reliable protection of files. Digital security and document integrity is perhaps the most discussed issue of concern to many participants in the business world. As a rule, office applications for document exchange work using an unsecured Internet connection, which cannot guarantee a sufficient level of data protection during their transfer. The essence of document exchange is not only to transfer them, but also to preserve the integrity of their contents, and unfortunately, standard office applications do not cope well with this.
  3. Office applications are not capable of providing unhindered access. In order to share documents using standard applications, it is usually necessary to use the devices on which employees usually work. This makes sense – they are connected to the same internal infrastructure and have the same software, which ensures the proper level of work in the workplace. However, the realities of today’s world dictate new requirements, in which being in the workplace is not a prerequisite for the organization of the document exchange process.

Therefore, more and more companies of all sizes are moving to the use of . Thanks to this solution, they were able to solve most of the typical problems associated with the organization of the document flow process in the traditional way, as well as to ensure reliable protection and efficiency, regardless of the conditions of the work process. As a result, companies that have switched to the use of appropriate portals were able to reduce company costs, improve company performance at all levels and optimize communication with customers and business partners in general. therefore, the transition from the use of familiar office applications for document exchange to virtual platforms with a large set of tools is a good investment in the future work of the company.

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